The Kingdoms are a loose association of neighboring nations linked together by the “Treaty of Prosperity”. 

This document establishes the norms of commerce and taxations on different products and goods.  It stipulates that trade routes must be maintained by the nation upon witch they stand.  It also states that the members must help and defend each other against outside threats. 

Each of the Kingdoms lends one percent of its army to the Keepers.  Several small keeps and forts belonging to this group can be found in the Kingdoms.  From there, small groups are sent to patrol the trade routes and borders.

The keepers do not answer to the leaders of the Kingdoms.  They take their orders from “The council of Legates”.  Each Kingdom must designates a Legate that will represent its people at the “Council Hall”.  This is a 4 year term.  The same Legate may keep is position at the end of his term, if this is the wish of the nation he/she represents.




Lord Jym Stahven, Legate of Dasylvia 

Created by Hugo "Butterfrog" Solis

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