The gods of the Kindgoms are real and they are old. 

They do not tolerate competition lightly because they all tap their divine powers from same source.  The Well of Eternity.  This pool of liquid light is the only way they can procreate.  If two gods would want a child, they would have to both immerse themselves in this fluid of creation.  After a long time [by mortal standards], they would emerge with their new sibling, both diminished.   Mortal history has no record of such an event ever occurring.

The well of eternity sits at the center of the Nexus.  An immense agora where the gods meet.  There, they discuss important affairs and argue endlessly.  At the bottom of the agora beside the Well, the throne of their leader and creator is empty. Even the gods do not know what happened to him.  He as been gone for such a long time that even is name has been forgotten. On both sides, the gods sits on smaller thrones. The Pantheon of Light to the left of the throne and the Pantheon of Darkness to its right.  Behind them, and going up, rows upon rows of benched may receive the immortal servants of the gods. The more powerful ones sit closer to their master and the well, on the bottom rows.

No violence is tolerated in the Nexus.  Voice may rise and fist may be brandished but none may cause harm.  All of the Nexus is under a powerful enchantment and even treacherous act will not work.  Transgressors feel  a crushing force the instant they try to act on their aggressive thoughts.

Teela, Cleric of Chronopia 

          Created by Hugo "Butterfrog" Solis, Image from the Wayfinder fanzine 

All the races of the Kingdoms pray to all the gods.  Each race will represent the divinities in their image.  For exemple, Celestia will appear has a kind motherly dwarven women to the dwarves and a regal and majestic elven queen to the elves.  

The major cities usually host temples of almost all the gods, even those from the Pantheon of Darkness.  It is understood that praying to an evil god is not an evil act. Results are judged as evil or god, not methods.  Because of this, priests of evil god with pure earths and priests of good gods with greedy and wicked souls exist.

Very few of the priests actually have divine powers.  They are called clerics, and are always in great demands for their healing powers and more personal connection to their divine masters.

Pantheon of Light

Celestia  [Goddess Mother of Light, Leading cult in the human kingdoms]        

The Lady [Goddess of Justice and Civilization]

Warden [God of Destiny, Luck, Heroes]

Chronopia [Goddess of Time and Dreams]

Magnus [God of Magic and Knowledge]

Vahla [Goddess of War and Honour]

Morad [God of Work and Craft]

Arith [The Grandfather, Leader of the Druidic faith]

Glipss [God of Fun, Trickery, and Pranks]

Pantheon of Darkness

Azrael [God Father, The Traitor, Master of Hell]

Lilith [Goddess of Death, Incestuous Concubine of Azrael]

Vazgahl [God of Undeath and Dark Magic]

Nurgash [God of Sickness, Pain and Suffering]

Shella [Goddess of Greed, Envy, Jealousy]

Targ [God of Violence, Rage, Hate]

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