The Order of Faragass 

Ancient ruins of a lost civilization are scattered around the Kingdoms. Little is known about them.  These ruined cities are almost always in remote places where few would have found it wise to establish a community. They are always in an advance state of destruction, much more so than the ravage of time could have done.

Even more numerous, are the strange monoliths.  It’s clear they where built by the same people as the cities, but their use are still a mystery.  The only known facts are that they all sit at the intersection of the planets lines of the lifeweb and detect as immensely powerful transmutation magic.

This civilization’s script is also very intriguing.  It is composed of fine runes that emit a very intense blue neon light from within.  No magical means can be used on them to translate their meaning and none have fund how to read them yet.

It is believed that this lost civilization used magic much more commonly than today.  Some think studying them may be the key to birthing a new age of advance and widespread use of magic.  With time, a few of these believers formed an organization in the hope of finding as much as they could about them.

They called themselves “The Order of Faragass” or more simply the order.  Faragass was the name of a small village not to far from one of the city ruins.  It is there that the first people gathered to study the ancient civilization.  With time, the village slowly transformed into a monastery dedicated to the study of all things ancient, magical, and mysterious. 

One of the founders of the order was a strange man from a race unknown in the kingdoms calling himself Gish. (meta-gaming info: a Githzerai, MMI p.129).  He had a great interest in the ruins and studied them intently all is life.  In exchange for the orders hospitality and acceptance, master Gish offered them the martial arts and spiritual wisdom of is people called “Gesh-Zirad”.  This meant “The Way”.  This is the only word he ever explained to them because his language was considered a secret taboo of his people. He revealed little of is race, only saying they where few and far away and that they had not interested themselves in this realm for a long time.

The order of Faragass now has several monasteries in the kingdoms.  Most come there to study Gesh-Zirad.  The order will only teach is way to those ready to pledge their life to the cause of Faragass:  Unlocking the secrets of the lost civilization.


Jahred Fitch, Faragass Explorer

 Created by Hugo "Butterfrog" Solis

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