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House Rules Pathfinder v1.1

[Content from newest version in red]

Class Features

-Rolls for hit points under half of the maximum possible amount on the dices arere-rolled.

-Classes with 2 skill ranks per level gain 4 skill ranks per level instead.

Damage and Recovery

-Rolls for healing effetcs under half of the maximum possible amount on the dices are re-rolled.

-Characters are disabled from 0 to minus their constitution mod. 

[Example: A character with a Con score of 16 would be disabled from 0 to –3]


-Fired Bolts and Arrows may be salvaged on a roll of 1-2 on a D6. Spotting a salvageable bolt or arrow in combat is a full-round action requiring a Perception check [DC15].



Created by Hugo "Butterfrog" Solis 

Magic and Magical Items

-Spellcasters may swap a prepared spell by concentrating for 10 minute and rolling a

 Concentration check [DC: 15 + spell level]

-Spell Completion items [scrolls] and Spell Trigger items [wands, staves] uses the DC of

 the user.

-Spell Trigger items [wands, staves] may be recharged by doing a 8 hour long ritual

 costing 100gp x number of desired replenished charges.*

-Magical objects can be resized to fit a new wearer with a 8 hour long ritual costing

 100gp per difference of size category. The minimum cost is always 100gp.*

-Copying new spells from scrolls and spellbooks takes 10 minutes of study per spell lvl.

 and another 10 minutes of copying per spell lvl.  There is no cost attached to this process.

 The caster only requires writing tools.


*[All arcane and divine spellcasters know these rituals at 1st level.]


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